FPA Students’ experience through COVID

FPA Student Testimonials

“I realized the importance of being at school when Covid 19 befell on (sic) our society… this
involved lockdown for a long period of time… The FPA administration managed to send us work which helped us to stay focused… by doing this, we were kept in the school environment atmosphere hence reduced school dropouts.”

Naggayi Ritah Sarah

“Our dear school was able to keep us with studies, this was done through the questions, illustrations, and different tasks that were assigned to our village coordinators for us to participate with. It was a great deed to us, especially girls to reduce on (sic) the dropout population due to pregnancies… kept boys from engaging in work that had influenced many youth to drop out in order to get money. We are privileged to have reached senior four otherwise, we would have dropped our due to the lifeless attempts and attractions that went through our societies during the pandemic. No gift can pay for your good to us.”

Nakato Rebecca Mellija

“This program helped us to focus on our studies and also help learners to stay in (sic) school environment which help (sic) in reduction of school dropouts.”

Nerumkuuma Joel

“I look forward to appreciate the administration of FPA High School for much support they provided to us learners. The school worked hard to provide work and other study materials to us.”

Nantumbkie Swabrat

Our teachers in co-operation with the students (sic) body managed to equip us with tasks and notes to do in order to keep up busy and alert throughout the (lockdown) period. We also gained hope during that time that soon we were to return back to schooling again but all that came as a result of your efforts.”

Nantege Victoria

“The programme was very helpful and important to many groups of people including teachers, students from FPA, non-FPA students, parents, and the community at-large. It helped the learners to keep revising throughout though the schools were closed… it helped to mitigate the tool of school dropouts since the learners were kept under the school atmosphere. It gave hope to students that they would achieve their goals no matter the situation, and it also made our school unique and appreciated in the community”

Kato Ashiraf Kisekka

“During the pandemic many people lost their lives that we even lost the hope of studying again…I had lost the hope of schooling again. FPA High school never left us (sic) suffer in a way that teachers provided us with reading materials, for example, work books, printed work… and guiding questions which had to be marked by the teachers and later returned back to us for more revision. This programme not only helped us FPA students but also other students from other schools who never got the same chance at their schools because we managed to share the work.”

Biyinzika Prosper

“I myself lost hope but through teachers efforts and hard work, I gained moral learning without the teacher’s presence.”

Naggayi Ritah Sarah

“We missed school for almost two years while in lockdown but the Almighty have enabled us to pass through though difficult. While in the lockdown at home still our beloved teachers and the entire school came in to help us with study materials.”

Ssekatuba Stanley

“When schools were closed in 2020, I and my friends felt a lot of grief towards it. This was because it was to delay our learning programs. Likewise, the parents were also obsessed with the circumstances, afraid of their children dropping out of school. But for the school’s help, we managed to overcome this terrible situation. The school provided free textbooks to the students and weekly exercises which were always marked by teachers. We could get the work from home by the help of coordinators within us. Besides keeping us focused, this school lockdown program helped us from contracting Covid 19… it stopped unnecessary movements of students. This program greatly helped to keep us academically active during the long-term lockdown, this helped us to easily cope up with school even after lockdown. The Headteacher’s act of checking on students during the lockdown game them the confidence to prioritize school after the lockdown. This, as well, stopped the chances of students dropping out of school. I promise that I will continue with my studies in the next higher levels of education so as I utilize the chance you gave me to transform my life as well as the family through educational excellence.”

Wasswa Nasser Kisekka