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The objective of FPA High School has always been, to empower students at greatest risk, to become self-sufficient, using their education as a stepping stone to become productive members of their community. To that end, FPA continues to create opportunities for young people beyond graduation day. For years FPA-Uganda has worked with at-risk families to access needed vocational training, and cultivate small micro-enterprise opportunities.

Moving through a 2+ year country-wide closure due to Covid, and subsequent Ebola outbreak, has made the need for these programs more vital than ever. FPA High School continued its outreach throughout the closure, but most schools did not. In fact, many schools closed permanently, and families fell into greater financial hardship. Making access to additional Vocational Training Programs all the more important!

FPA-Uganda has incorporated several approved vocational initiatives on-campus this year! These programs include training in Agriculture, Tailoring, Artisanship, Carpentry & Building. We will expand this program in 2024 to include Catering and off-site Auto Mechanics. FPA High School Student Giving Back! This year, FPA High School students enrolled in FPA High School’s Building and Construction Initiative, will embark on a new project! They will be working with our partner builder, to construct 2 Single – Safe Dwellings for two mothers and their children currently at-risk. It’s a win for everyone involved! Two wonderful mothers receive secure housing in which to raise their children, while our vocational students gain valuable skillsets.

FPA Please consider partnering with us, to help these dedicated young women and men realize their fullest potential and complete this journey!

What’s Next For FPA Graduates?

More than 75% of our students score high enough on their graduation exams to receive partial government scholarships in pursuit of Advanced Level Secondary Education, or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs. TVET affords hands-on training, aimed at developing skills that lead to successful careers and financial stability. FPA supports pathways for the pursuit of these goals!

By supporting FPA Initiatives, you are helping young women and men access programs that will change their lives forever. Many FPA Graduates will go on to formal advanced education, while others will seek avenues to vocational certificates. Students enrolled under the Technology and Design (DIT) Program, will complete field and class work for a period of three years. They will then undergo a “occupation competency based assessment” administered by the Uganda National Examination Board. During this evaluation, they must demonstrate proficiency in all related skillsets. Students completing these program(s) will receive certification in their field of study. This pathway provides marketable skills upon graduation!

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